airfect scented candles ANNA and NIKO

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burning time: approx. 45 hours

A scented candle made of 100% soy wax with two dreamlike and timeless scents for any mood and type.

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Designed with love and passion by airfect

For the creation of our scented candle, the female and male gender were our inspiration. Both fragrances appear unobtrusive and timeless.

airfect scented candle NIKO fragrance pine

Pleasant like the first sunbeams after a rainy day. Invigorating like a deep breath of fresh mountain air. With the scent pine, our candle NIKO is an honest composition for authentic, real men and straightforward, determined women.

After all, it doesn’t have to be the excitingly designed table decoration with colourful scented candles that radiates its beguiling scent and leaves an unmistakably feminine note. Our scented candle NIKO is discreet, fresh and unobtrusive composition leaving a pleasant, mild scent that radiates freshness and vitality. The result is a grounded and gentle mood from which the fresh pine tree emerges now and then.

fragrance pine: discreet, fresh, earthy, refreshing, woody, masculine, mild, distinctive, authentic, unobtrusive, timeless

airfect scented candle ANNA fragrance lilac

The light and free feeling when spring shows its untamed side and everything is in full bloom. With ANNA we have designed a scented candle with which you can evoke exactly this feeling whenever you feel like it.

This fragrance exudes a harmonious, floral and charming mood, which is neither artificial nor overpowering. Bergamot, lilac and rose give ANNA a radiant yet supple note. A timeless spring scent for every mood and through the dominant proportions of lilac, rose and other flowers, a great fragrance for passionate and active women.

fragrance lilac: charming, natural, refreshing, mild, feminine, soft, smooth, harmonious, floral

airfect duftkerze anna lilac

Scented candles made of 100% soy wax

Our candles are made from 100% soy wax. Organic and vegan and without paraffin. Soy wax candles do not release harmful substances and burn longer than conventional candles. Soy wax is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional candles and is a renewable raw material that is 100% biodegradable.

Soya wax is extracted from the oil of the soya bean and is therefore a vegetable wax. Another big advantage of soy wax candles is the fact they burn almost soot-free so that walls and ceilings remain cleaner.

airfect scented candles ANNA and NIKO 0 reviews

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