airfect Bio Plus pillowincl. coc cotton cover

pillow height: approx. 14cm

100% natural latex in combination with an coc cotton cover for highest, organic demands.

  • 100% natural latex
  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • 2 years of warranty
  • adaptable & point-elastic
  • air-permeable & heat-regulating
159,00  incl. VAT and delivery
free delivery within 1-3 working days

    The Bio Plus pillow

    Our 100% airfect natural latex is particularly breathable due to its open-pored structure. The air channels let your airfect pillow breathe and provide a perfect bed climate, warming you in winter and cooling you in summer. Your airfect Bio Plus pillow is made of 100% natural materials and is therefore not only good for you but also for the environment. Because of the airfect natural latex the pillow is also suitable for allergy sufferers.


    • 100% natural latex
    • approx. 14cm high
    • high amount of ventilation channels


      Your airfect Bio Plus pillow measures approx. 70 x 40 cm.

      Frau liegt auf airfect Kissen Original

      Frau liegt auf airfect Kissen Original

      airfect coc cover

      Your airfect Bio Plus will be delivered in a removable and washable coc cotton cover. coc stands for controlled organic cultivation. The use of chemical fertilisers, defoliants and synthetic pesticides is not allowed for this cotton. In order to be called coc cotton, the soil has to be unsprayed at least three years, only natural fertilizers like manure or mulch may be used and the weeds have to be removed mechanically. Furthermore, social aspects are also taken into account during production and processing. By dispensing with chemicals, workers are not exposed to any health-threatening substances, they are paid fairly and social standards such as access to housing or the ban of child labour must be observed.


      You can wash the coc cotton cover in the washing machine at up to 60°C and then dry it in the dryer. However, the core does not like either washing machine or dryer.


      natural latex – made from 100% natural latex

      Frau liegt auf airfect Kissen Original

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