Opinios of experts

The airfect pillow concept already has a long history. The basis for the airfect concept is the experience of Team Davimar in bedding for more than 20 years. The breakthrough was achieved in 2010 with the development of the first pocket spring pillow – the airfect Original.

Due to the unique combination, the airfect Original spreads like wildfire.  An incredible pillow that adapts itself individually to the sleeper. The combination of our pocket spring core and viscoelastic foam is making this possible.

During the continuous further developments of airfect we were able to gain the support of many experts.

Specialist Dr. med. Marcus Luft über airfect

As a specialist in surgery and trauma surgery, I have been frequently confronted with many questions about the right pillow for cervical problems over the past 15 years. Besides the right sleeping system and an ergonomically designed desk chair, you should not underestimate the importance of your pillow.

With airfect, I have found a pillow that optimally supports the neck and cervical vertebrae. airfect offers all the special features which are essential for perfect lying. Perfect ventilation, point elasticity and last but not least, optimum support due to the integrated pocket spring core.

Specialist Harald Schmitt über airfect

As a specialist for internal medicine and 21 years of experience as a general practitioner, I know that healthy sleep is particularly important for regeneration and general well-being. Back pain and headaches are the most frequently reported symptoms in my everyday practice. In these cases, the right pillow can play a decisive role in optimising the quality of sleep and improving cervical problems.

I became aware of airfect pillows through friends from Heiligenhafen and tried it out myself. The airfect pillow offers an optimal support in the cervical area and provides point-elastic support with the special pocket spring core. Due to the ventilation channels, less sweat is produced and it also provides a pleasant sleeping climate!

Specialist Dr. Uwe Stange über airfect

As an orthopedic specialist, patients daily tell me about some of the major sleep problems caused by pathological changes and tensions in the cervical-shoulder-neck area. As part of a bed purchase at the company Davimar, I had the opportunity to test the airfect Original pillow. The construction already aroused great interest: The thermoelastic airfect foam encases a pocket spring core construction. The whole pillow is encased in an airfect lyocell pillow cover, a highly absorbent, moisture-absorbing natural product made of wood.

During the first lying test I felt a very pleasant, gentle support and anatomically correct positioning of the head and neck vertebrae.
The head is very comfortably embedded by the airfect foam, the spring core construction guarantees softly dosed restoring force, which provides the head with the necessary, very pleasantly designed support.
The cervical spine is adjusted in physiologically correct position, whether in back-abdominal or lateral position. This is especially important for people with disc disease in the cervical spine.The test of the pillow has convinced me a lot and I will never let it out of my hands again.

Interior designer Emell Gök Che über airfect

When I first heard about airfect, I was sure that I would like to contribute my expertise in fabrics and design. The result is a great pillow: the airfect Select.

Emell Gök Che lives and works as an independent artist and designer in Berlin, Paderborn and Istanbul. Objects and installations define the range of her artistic work. As a designer, she creates furniture and entire interiors - she is also working in front of and behind the camera for various TV channels. While working with Emell for a long time, one led to the other and finally we developed a unique pillow together. The airfect Select.

Eduard Stabel – physiotherapy & health über airfect

As a physical therapist, we develop individual concepts and the right solutions for a healthier life in our clinic every day. One of the most common clinical pictures are back and cervical complaints. These pains often have their origin in lying down incorrectly. With the airfect pillow I have found a pillow that meets my requirements as a physiotherapist.

The airfect pillow provides unique support due to its special structure and the materials used. There is no other pillow known to me with such excellent properties. The special pocket spring core, which is integrated by airfect, should be emphasized. Technically extremely difficult to manufacture and incredibly point-elastic. It ensures the correct restoring force, no matter whether in back or side position.

clinic for physiotherapy – Matthias Janke über airfect

proPHYSIOnell meets airfect:

I met the airfect Original pillow at the Beach Motel Heiligenhafen where I was able to sleep on it for a few nights of testing. I have already heard about many pillows before and I know that there are a lot of special pillows available on the market. All of them advertise to be beneficial for the neck and cervical area and partly also health pillows. Occupationally, partly saturated with information about these pillows, I was rather neutral or even sceptical about the airfect pillow. After my first night on the pillow, I was really surprised and impressed how restful my night's sleep was. The head pleasantly sinks into the pillow, while at the same time it is supported as well. The cervical spine and neck are aligned in a physiological position - therefore your body is able to regenerate well.

In general, I am convinced that every disorder, every symptom of every person is different in origin. Therefore, individual therapy and solutions are necessary to minimize these disorders. It is important to design measures and influences that affect the person in a way that minimizes factors that cause illness, as well as seeking and applying health-promoting ones. This principle applies to my practice. Therefore, my patients receive various possibilities adapted to their needs. These include exercises, behavioural patterns and also the use of aids like airfect. In this way they are able to influence the change of their problems on their own. Henceforth the airfect pillow is also part of my practice. I am glad to have a sample pillow that I can provide for some patients. Self-awareness is always the most important factor. Well, thank you very much for the great pillow.

Kim Behrens – professional beach volleyball player über airfect

Sleep and relaxation are major issues facing me as a competitive athlete. This includes the passive time as well as the active time. I was immediately impressed when I met the airfect Original in a hotel. After two great nights, I bought it directly for myself at home. In my opinion it has the optimal combination of flexibility and stability. The pillow adapts perfectly to the head and neck area while you do not sink into the pillow. In addition, the cover is very pleasant to the skin.

In my opinion, the Traveller version has also proved itself absolutely. Due to the perfect size it is great for travelling. Personally I use it usually as a pillow in hotels, where it is simply better than the pillows on site.

From my side, an absolute recommendation for successful regeneration.

Kim Behrens / professional beach volleyball player and competitive athlete

Eva Hinterleitner – specialist for back and joint complaints über airfect

In our clinic we treat many patients with back problems. In addition to osteopathic techniques and phyiotherapeutic measures, the focus is on the investigation of their causes in order to optimize their daily life. This leads to a sustainable improvement of the state of health and an associated increase in quality of life.

Restful night's sleep is a significant health factor. People who mainly spend their night's rest in a lateral position need neck support pillows that support the head weight well and ensure relaxing neck muscles. If the pillow is too soft, people often use their arm as a support and fall asleep due to too much pressure on their vessels.

For quite some time now I have been recommending "neck support pillows" and have experienced many times how tensions can be reduced and neck muscles become softer.
Finally, I have found the airfect Original pillow, which convinced me immediately: it is neither too hard nor too soft, eliminating the need to adjust to the new situation and allowing you to sleep deeply right from the beginning. Whenever possible, my pillow will join me on every journey.

For further information about Eva just visit: www.eva-hinterleitner.at