airfect Original pillow
  • the Original - our hotel pillow
  • recommended by specialists
  • best customer reviews
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airfect Comfort blanket
  • super light and cuddly
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • full-year blanket
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airfect Traveller travel pillow
  • your perfect travel companion
  • dimensionally stable and adaptable
  • available in the three stylish colours
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airfect mattress Prestige Spring
  • reversing function (H2/H3)
  • one side visco-foam, one side comfort foam
  • comfort height: approx. 25cm
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Our airfect products For restful nights

We offer an exclusive selection of high-quality sleep products with innovative technologies for more comfort and restful sleep. Discover our selection of individually and adjustable airfect products such as our airfect pillows, mattresses and many other airfect products. Let yourself be inspired and find sleeping systems that are as individual as you are!

  • made in Germany
  • sustainable resources
  • long-lasting material

airfect pillow Original

airfect pillow

Innovative technology, high-quality workmanship and a cool design. Let yourself be inspired and find your new favourite pillow.

airfect mattress


Two adjustable degrees of hardness in one mattress - a unique feature of our 7 zones pocket spring mattress from airfect. Perfectly tailored to your needs.

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airfect sofa bed

sofa bed

Our airfect sofa bed combines timeless design, super easy handling and high-quality upholstery in a way never seen before.

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airfect candles


100 % soy wax with two wonderful and timeless fragrances for a special atmosphere every day. Discover ANNA and NIKO.

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Violetta Z über airfect:
Ich habe dieses Kissen in einem Hotel für mich entdeckt. Ich konnte nicht anders und musste es mir für zuhause bestellen. Ich schlafe nun jeden Tag wie auf Wolken. Habe es schon einigen Kollegen weiterempfohlen und höre nur positives.

Violetta is part of over 99,6% happy airfect pillow owners.

Airdmoodie with pillow

Relax and enjoy the advantages

Quality & Sustainability

Our airfect products meet the highest demands on quality and durability. We use sustainable substances and materials from controlled organic cultivation (coc).

Made in Germany

We manufacture mainly in Germany. Only our pocket spring cores find their way from Italy to the composition in Germany.

Best customer service

At airfect we answer the phone personally and help you with your questions. So we can help you find what you are looking for.


With over 25 years of experience in selling sleeping systems, we are your perfect partner.

2 years of warranty

With airfect the delivery and return of your airfect products is free of charge for you.

14 days free trial

Test your airfect products for 14 days and convince yourself of the unique quality.

clinic for physiotherapy – Matthias Janke über airfect

proPHYSIOnell meets airfect:

I met the airfect Original pillow at the Beach Motel Heiligenhafen where I was able to sleep on it for a few nights of testing. I have already heard about many pillows before and I know that there are a lot of special pillows available on the market. All of them advertise to be beneficial for the neck and cervical area and partly also health pillows. Occupationally, partly saturated with information about these pillows, I was rather neutral or even sceptical about the airfect pillow. After my first night on the pillow, I was really surprised and impressed how restful my night's sleep was. The head pleasantly sinks into the pillow, while at the same time it is supported as well. The cervical spine and neck are aligned in a physiological position - therefore your body is able to regenerate well.

In general, I am convinced that every disorder, every symptom of every person is different in origin. Therefore, individual therapy and solutions are necessary to minimize these disorders. It is important to design measures and influences that affect the person in a way that minimizes factors that cause illness, as well as seeking and applying health-promoting ones. This principle applies to my practice. Therefore, my patients receive various possibilities adapted to their needs. These include exercises, behavioural patterns and also the use of aids like airfect. In this way they are able to influence the change of their problems on their own. Henceforth the airfect pillow is also part of my practice. I am glad to have a sample pillow that I can provide for some patients. Self-awareness is always the most important factor. Well, thank you very much for the great pillow.

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We love sleep. That is why we have founded airfect. A young, innovative brand that offers more comfort and adapts itself to individual needs in many ways.

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