airfect mattress Premium Suite

original from the hotel industry

  • two degrees of firmness in one mattress
  • 7-zone reversible mattress
  • 20cm height

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

499,00  incl. VAT and delivery
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

airfect mattress As individual as you are

Every person is different, every body unique. This requires a tailor-made solution: a mattress that suits you and your sleeping habits.

The reversible function provides you with two degrees of firmness in one mattress, allowing you to adjust it to your needs. You can expect unique sleeping comfort thanks to the selected materials.

Both sides of the mattress are made of our cuddly airfect foam in various degrees of firmness, which enables the reversible function.

airfect mattress Your advantages

  • turning function
  • perfect support and pressure relief
  • excellent air circulation
  • suitable for stomach, back and side sleepers

airfect mattress Premium Suite cover & core

cover fabric

  • innovative airfect cover containing a high proportion of TENCEL fibers
  • breathable and velvety soft
  • climate belt for optimized air circulation
  • especially skin-friendly


  • 7-zone reversible foam
  • comfort cover made of special gel foam

    delivery of your airfect original hotel mattress

    • fast & free delivery
    • 14 days free trial
    • rolled up for easy handling

    May I test my airfect mattress?

    Absolutely. Sleep is a very individual thing where many factors are involved. It might take a few days to get used to a new mattress. Therefore, you will be able to test the mattress for 14 days in order to try it out. In case you do not like the mattress, please let us know and we will pick up the mattress free of charge. Little hint: Our airfect pillows and blankets are perfectly matched to the mattress and offer you a perfect night’s sleep.

    What do I have to pay attention to when using the turning function?

    There is a small label sewn onto the cover to show you which side is firm and which is soft. The soft side is covered with our specially developed gel foam, which allows you to sink in gently while perfectly adapting to your body contours. The firmer side is supported by our airfect comfort foam with a pleasant restoring force and slightly firmer support. You are able to test which side is the right one for you for a period of 14 days.

    How do you ship the mattress?

    The mattress will be delivered rolled in a package by DHL directly to your doorstep. In order to keep you informed about the delivery status, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number.

    Is the mattress suitable for me?

    Our mattress is suitable for stomach, side and back sleepers. The ingenious construction adapts itself perfectly to the contours of your body. The mattress is suitable for everyone who weighs between 50-100 kilos.

    What is the warranty period for the mattress?

    All our products are subject to the legal 2 years warranty for production defects.

    premium qualitymade in Germany

    From the design to the finished product, the mattress is manufactured in Germany. We want to ensure that every mattress fulfils our high demands. To ensure the best possible quality, our Premium Suite is handmade in NRW.

    airfect reversible mattress produced locally

    Specialist Dr. Uwe Stange über airfect

    As an orthopedic specialist, patients daily tell me about some of the major sleep problems caused by pathological changes and tensions in the cervical-shoulder-neck area. As part of a bed purchase at the company Davimar, I had the opportunity to test the airfect Original pillow. The construction already aroused great interest: The thermoelastic airfect foam encases a pocket spring core construction. The whole pillow is encased in an airfect-tencel pillow cover, a highly absorbent, moisture-absorbing natural product made of wood.

    During the first lying test I felt a very pleasant, gentle support and anatomically correct positioning of the head and neck vertebrae.
    The head is very comfortably embedded by the airfect foam, the spring core construction guarantees softly dosed restoring force, which provides the head with the necessary, very pleasantly designed support.
    The cervical spine is adjusted in physiologically correct position, whether in back-abdominal or lateral position. This is especially important for people with disc disease in the cervical spine.The test of the pillow has convinced me a lot and I will never let it out of my hands again.

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