Airfect pillow

With the Airfect pillows we have created something very special. Neck Pillows that combine the advantages of many different pillows. Each component has been carefully thought out and adapted to the special requirements that are so important for a good night’s sleep.

Airfect Original Kissen, Airfect Select Kissen und Airfect Bio Kissen

Simply find the right pillow for your needs.

Whether a little higher or rather softer. The Airfect family offers the right pillow for everyone. Starting with the Airfect Bio with about 10cm height up to the Airfect Original and Airfect Select, each with about 15cm height and completely different reclining properties, we have developed pillows that adapt to everyone.

Specialist Dr. Uwe Stange about Airfect

“As an orthopedic orthopedic specialist, patients tell me about some of the major sleep problems caused by pathological changes and tension in the cervical-shoulder-neck area.” As part of a bed purchase at the company Davimar, I now had the opportunity to test the original Airfect pillow Pillow construction aroused great interest in me: A thermo-elastic airfect foam encases a pocket spring core construction encased in an Airfect-Tencel pillowcase, a highly absorbent, moisture absorbing natural wood product.

At the first couch test, I felt a very pleasant not too strong support and anatomically correct storage of the head and neck area. At no time came unpleasant pressure, the head is very pleasantly embedded by the Airfect foam, the innerspring construction ensures the necessary, soft-dose restoring force, which provides the head with the necessary, very pleasant grip. The cervical spine is adjusted in physiologically correct position, whether in back-abdominal or lateral positioning, especially important for people with disc disease in the cervical spine. The test of the pillow convinced me a lot and I will not let it out of my hands anymore. ”

Dr. Uwe Stange, Specialist in Orthopedics, Fritzlar/Kassel

Specialist Dr. med. Marcus L. about Airfect

“As a specialist in surgery and trauma surgery, I have often been asked many questions about the right pillow for cervical spine problems over the last 15 years, not to underestimate the importance of your pillow in addition to the right sleep system and an ergonomically designed desk chair.

With Airfect I have found a cushion that optimally supports the neck and cervical vertebrae area. Airfect offers me all the features that are crucial for perfect lying. Perfect ventilation, point elasticity and, last but not least, optimum support via the integrated pocket spring core. ”

Dr. med. Marcus L.
(Senior physician, specialist in surgery, accident surgery, special accident surgery)

sleep-icon14 days free trial.

With a new pillow, the body must first get used to the new conditions. That’s why we allow you to test for 14 days.

kostenlose-lieferungFree and fast delivery.

So that you can concentrate only on the good sleep, we take over the delivery. All you have to do is love your Airfect pillow.

The Airfect Original Neck Pillow. The classic from the hotel industry.

Airfect Original Nackenkissen Querschnitt

The Airfect Original, with its pocket spring core and adaptable foam, is a classic in the hospitality industry and sold a thousand times as a bestseller.

The Airfect Bio pillow for especially environmentally conscious sleepers.

Airfect Bio Nackenkissen Querschnitt

The Airfect Bio is enriched with essential oils and medicinal plants and thus supports your well-deserved sleep in a natural way.

The Airfect Select neck pillow designed by Emell Gök Che.

Airfect Select Kissen by Emell Gök Che Querschnitt

The Airfect Select with its double pocket spring core is 100% made in Germany has a turning function and incredible 168 pocket springs.

The Airfect Light neck pillow for relaxed nights.

The Airfect Light cushion represents the price entry at Airfect, but impresses with its simple and comfortable presentation in combination with a washable cover.

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