airfect TENCEL cover

The perfect complement for your airfect pillow. The cover offers many advantages and makes the pillow:

  • even more breathable
  • even softer
  • even cuddlier

Learn more about the special features of the TENCEL fiber below.

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

24,95  incl. VAT and delivery
Delivery time: 1-3 working days
    airfect neck pillow tencel coverairfect neck pillow tencel coverairfect neck pillow tencel cover

    A cover for even more comfort

    Removable, washable and with a high proportion of natural raw materials – this is our airfect TENCEL cover. However, what makes TENCEL so special? TENCEL is a functional fiber made from natural raw materials. It is obtained from wood and is 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, the closed cycle during production is making the fiber particularly environmentally friendly.

    Textiles made of TENCEL are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. The TENCEL fiber is therefore perfectly suited for the airfect pillow cover.

    • washable up to 60°C
    • OEKO-TEX 100 certified
    • 2 years of warranty

    The combination is what makes the difference! hightech meets nature

    moisture absorption: The TENCEL fiber naturally absorbs excess moisture and carries it away from the body. A comparison with synthetic fibers or even cotton has shown that TENCEL is able to absorb considerably more moisture. Compared to cotton, TENCEL can even absorb up to 50% more moisture whereas synthetic fibers cannot absorb any moisture at all.

    hygiene: With TENCEL bacteria have no chance. Due to the excellent moisture absorption of the cellulose fiber, bacterial growth is prevented to a large extent. As the moisture is transported directly into the fiber interior, no moisture arises on the surface which is the basis for the formation of bacteria. Therefore bacterial growth can be reduced naturally – without any chemical additives.

    skin feeling: The structure of the TENCEL fiber is particularly silky and gentle on the skin. This minimizes skin irritations and promotes an optimal skin feeling.

    life cycle: The fact that the raw material wood is obtained from sustainable forestry and plantations means that the environmental pollution caused by fibre production is reduced to a minimum. Even the manufacturing process itself is revolutionary. About 100% of the water and solvents used during production are re-introduced into the cycle.

    size and composition
    The airfect TENCEL cover measures approx. 75 x 39 cm, suits perfectly for all airfect pillows and consists of: 69% polyester, 30% lyocell/TENCEL, 1% elastane

    Quality made in Germany airfect TENCEL cover

    The fabrics for our airfect TENCEL cover are sourced from Mattes & Ammann. A German family-owned company that is one of the leading companies in its sector. The outstanding quality awareness and the environmentally friendly and sustainable production make sure that Mattes & Ammann is the absolutely right partner for us.

    Frau liegt auf airfect Kissen Original

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    1. Klaus Dieter Schaller

      Ich bin im Hotel Q in Berlin auf das Kissen aufmerksam gemacht worden. Der perfekte Schlaf hat mich von dem Kissen überzeugt, so dass ich mir gleich 2 Kissen bestellt habe. Bei den meisten Kissen sackt der Kopf zu tief ein. Bei airfect nicht. Der Kopf liegt gerade. Das hat mich überzeugt.

    2. Susanne Müller

      Mein Mann war jahrelang auf der Suche nach einem bequemen Kissen, von dem er keine Nacken- und Schulterschmerzen bekam. Nach einem Besuch im Hotel sagte er morgens nach dem Abschlag auf dem Airfect-Kissen, er habe nie zuvor so entspannt und angenehm geschlafen.
      Wir haben das Kissen daraufhin sofort online bestellt und sind überglücklich!

    3. Ger van der Beek

      Geachte klanten,
      Hierbij een bericht vanuit Nederland.
      Deze zomer 2018 op vakantie bij club Robinson geweest.
      Hier waren de kusssens van Airfect ter beschikking.
      Fantastische kussen,geen nekpijn of wat dan ook.
      Alle redenen om direct de kussen aan te schaffen,niets anders dan een geweldige nachtrust sindsdien !

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