airfect mattress Prestige Kashmir

original from the hotel industry

  • two degrees of firmness in one mattress
  • 7-zone pocket spring mattress
  • 25cm comfort height
  • 5 years of warranty on the spring core

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Pleasant comfort thanks to soft cashmere hair

Kashmir is composed of very fine, soft hair, which comes from the so-called cashmere goat. This popular precious wool is characterised by excellent thermal insulation, optimum air circulation and a high degree of comfort.
These and other characteristics also benefit our airfect mattress Prestige Kashmir: The fine hairs naturally adapt to your body contours and provide you with a soft and at the same time elastic lying comfort.

airfect mattress Your advantages

  • turning function
  • perfect support and pressure relief
  • excellent air circulation

airfect mattress cover & core

cover fabric

  • breathable, velvety soft and innovative cover made of 64% Polyester, 32% Viskose, 4% Kashmir
  • handles for easy handling
  • especially skin-friendly


  • 7-zone pocket spring core in approx. 12cm construction height and 500 springs per m2
  • comfort foam cover on both sides (approx. 5cm)

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