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Discover our innovative airfect pillows and find the pillow that suits you and your sleeping habits. Designed for maximum support of your cervical spine. With our airfect pillows, neck tension and back pain belong to the past. Discover your new favourite pillow now at airfect.

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airfect Original pillow The Original from the hotel industry

The innovative airfect visco-foam ensures perfect adaptability and effective pressure relief. The airfect visco-foam technology reacts to your body temperature in order to adapt optimally to your body geometry. The breathable cell structure of the airfect visco-foam gives the airfect hotel pillow a particularly cuddly touch. High-quality pocket spring cores inside the airfect pillow provide support and comfort. These pocket springs are exceptionally thin and sensitive, adapting to every lying position while providing perfect ventilation.

airfect Original pillow incl. TENCEL cover

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memory foam and spring core - The combination is what makes the difference!

Why do you sleep better on airfect? The combination of our airfect visco-foam and pocket spring core is what makes the difference. The airfect Original pillow relieves the sensitive neck and shoulder area and adapts perfectly to the shape of your head and neck thanks to the viscoelastic airfect foam. This turns the airfect Original into the perfect neck pillow for every position.

  • thermoelastic airfect foam
  • pocket spring core sheathing
  • incl. TENCEL cover
  • awarded hotel pillow
  • 5 years of warranty on the pocket spring core
  • ergonomic neck support pillow

airfect Select pillow more pocket spring cores are not possible

The airfect Original pillow is too soft for you? No problem! Our new and innovative airfect Select features twice as many pocket spring cores as the airfect Original pillow due to its multi-layer structure. The construction ensures a more firm feeling compared to the airfect Original and impresses with its perfect adaptability and effective support.

airfect Select pillow incl. TENCEL cover

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Innovative construction with turning function for restful sleep

The twin pocket spring core of our airfect Select ensures an optimal weight distribution among a large number of independently acting pocket springs. This is why the airfect Select is incredibly point-elastic. The core of our airfect Select pillow is made of Latex on one side and airfect gel-foam on the other side.

  • all-rounder with turning function
  • twice as many spring cores*
  • incl. TENCEL cover
  • optimal weight distribution
  • point-elastic
  • 2 years of warranty

airfect Light pillow goodbye to neck pain

The airfect Light is made of viscoelastic airfect foam and adapts perfectly to your body. The high density of our visco-foam ensures a particularly cuddly fit and enables an ergonomic position of your head and spine. This relieves the cervical spine and ensures restful night´s sleep which will lead to a healthy and painless awakening.

airfect Light pillow incl. TENCEL cover

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The airfect Light - wake up without neck pain

The boreholes inside the viscoelastic airfect foam keep the material particularly breathable while supporting air circulation and the removal of moisture. These features turn the airfect pillow into your comfortable bed companion regardless of room temperature. Relieve your neck and say goodbye to daily neck pain by using our airfect Light pillow!

  • viscoelastic foam
  • unique pressure relief
  • excellent point elasticity
  • Oeko-Tex Standard

airfect Lounge XL pillow Dreamlike pillow to cuddle and decorate

A wonderful pillow for cuddling and decorating your sofa. The comfortable viscoelastic core is covered by a washable noble velvet cover. Available in three different colours.

airfect Lounge XL pillow

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Our airfect Lounge XL pillow is made of an adaptable airfect visco-foam, in order to maintain its shape and flexibility. Compared to pillows with synthetic fibre flakes or balls, our airfect visco-foam has a memory effect allowing your pillow to always return into its original shape. As a result, you save yourself the trouble of shaking it and will never have a flat pillow again.

  • cuddly and soft
  • available in 3 stylish colours
  • elastic visco foam
  • dimensionally stable thanks to memory effect
  • incl. noble velvet cover