Hotel Eder in Maria Alm

Hotel Maria Alm, Austria

A hotel that leaves nothing to be desired! The Hotel Eder in Maria Alm has grown with the village for generations and is a place where you will simply feel at home. The hotel is located in the middle of the village in front of a spectacular scenery, the Hochkönig. Besides inviting you to relax and unwind, the hotel is also a Mecca for winter sports enthusiasts, cyclists, hiking professionals and golf enthusiasts. You will definitely enjoy staying here.
In addition to a wide range of activities, the hotel also offers a cuisine serving both traditional food and internationally inspired delicacies. Even bread is still baked in-house for you. Make sure to stop by!
Apart from all these fantastic offers, between pool, wellness, perfectly equipped designer rooms and an incredibly cosy atmosphere, you will gladly lose track of time while being able to perfectly relax and unwind.