The Airfect cushion concept can already look back on a long history. The airfect concept is based on over 20 years of experience of Team Davimar in bedding. The breakthrough came in 2010 with the development of the first pocket spring core cushion – Airfect Original.

The Airfect Original spread like wildfire through the unique combination. An incredible pillow that adapts individually to the sleeper. The combination of pocket spring core and viscoelastic foam makes this possible.

With the steady advancement of Airfect we could win many experts for us. Here is a small excerpt:

dr-luft-freigestelltSpecialist med. Marcus L. about Airfect

“As a specialist in surgery and accident surgery, I have been confronted with many questions about the right pillow for cervical spine problems over the past 15 years. In addition to the right sleep system and an ergonomically designed desk chair, you should not underestimate the importance of your pillow.

With Airfect I have found a cushion that optimally supports the neck and cervical vertebrae area. Airfect offers me all the features that are crucial for perfect lying. Perfect ventilation, point elasticity and, last but not least, optimum support via the integrated pocket spring core.”

Dr. med. Marcus L.
(Senior physician, specialist in surgery, accident surgery, special accident surgery)


Interior designer Emell Gök Che about Airfect

As a freelance artist and designer Emell Gök Che lives and works in Berlin, Paderborn and Istanbul. Objects and installations determine the scope of her artistic creation. As a designer, she designs furniture and entire interiors – she is also in front of and behind the camera for various TV stations in use. During the long collaboration with Emell, one thing led to another, and in the end, together we developed a pillow that is absolutely unique. The Airfect Select.

“When I heard of Airfect it was clear to me to bring in my expertise in fabrics and design, and in the end we developed a great cushion, the Airfect Select.”

Emell Gök Che – Further information on the homepage:

Bekannt aus:emell-goek-che-tv-sender

eduard-stabel-physiotherapieEduard Stabel – Physiotherapy & Health

“As a physical therapist, we develop daily individual concepts and the right solutions for a healthier life in our practice.One of the most common syndromes are back and cervical discomfort.This pain often originates from the wrong lying.With the Airfect pillow I have found a pillow that meets my needs as a physiotherapist and supports you as best as possible.

The Airfect cushion provides unique support through the built-in materials and its special construction. No pillow known to me has such good qualities. To emphasize is the special pocket spring core, which is installed at Airfect. Technically extremely difficult to produce and incredibly point elastic. Whether in back or side position, it ensures the right restoring force. “

Eduard Stabel

Further information on the practice on the homepage:

Dr Stange

Dr. Uwe Stange, specialist in orthopedics

As a resident specialist in orthopedics, patients tell me about some of the major sleep problems caused by pathological changes and tension in the cervical, neck and neck area. As part of a bed purchase at the company Davimar, I now got the opportunity to test the original Airfect pillow. Already the pillow construction aroused great interest in me. A thermoelastic airfect foam encases a pocket spring core construction. The whole is wrapped in an Airfect Tencel Pillow Cover, a highly absorbent, moisture absorbing natural wood product. At the first couch test, I felt a very pleasant not too strong support and anatomically correct storage of the head and neck area. At no time came unpleasant pressure, the head is very pleasantly embedded by the Airfect foam, the innerspring construction ensures the necessary, soft-dose restoring force, which provides the head with the necessary, very pleasant grip. The cervical spine is adjusted in physiologically correct position, whether in back-abdominal or lateral positioning, especially important for people with disc disease in the cervical spine. The test of the pillow convinced me a lot and I will not let it out of my hands anymore. Dr. Uwe Stange, Specialist in Orthopedics, Fritzlar / Kassel

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